Photo by Samantha Lee /  @samleehello

Photo by Samantha Lee / @samleehello

Never tell me the odds...

I'm a storyteller. Sure, embellishments come along with the territory. They always make for a wonderful journey.

I'll save you some time and just tell you why I'm here.

I worked at a design firm for a few years and a lot of my job was to edit and correct bad photography. Essentially, make the photographers look like they knew what they were doing. I thought to myself, "hey, I can take bad photos, too!"

My design background always navigated me back to Photoshop and Illustrator for everything I did. I decided to challenge myself and push outside the comfort zone of relying on my editing abilities and just shoot good photos.

The long and ever-winding path has led me here. I want to capture the essence of people, places and, well... my Star Wars toys.

I live in San Francisco, California and frequently travel to Los Angeles and San Diego. I'm open to all kinds of shoots, including personal/fashion, product and on-location captures.

Chances have it that I'd love to work with you.